Snapware Plastic Food Container Reviews

Snapware Plastic Food Container Review from Sacramento, California
Please see pictures from snap ware lunch box. Really gross. It's so hard to clean inside and why we are sick...
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Anonymous Had same issue and not able to clean the mold, tried all possible ways to clean but no use, mold increased with every use and don't know where to replace them and sure the iss...

Just purchased my first and last snapware product!!! I wish that I would have read the Reviews prior to making the purchase... Had I done so I would have avoided this product... Ironically, it is hard to find a good review, that says a lot about the true value of the product... I don't know about you, but when I buy a product, three out of for working tabs is not a reasonable expectation. I want every tab to work, and I want every tab to remain...
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